Campfire Grill BBQ & Catering / Primal Pie
City: Regina, SK, S4N5A4
About Us
Introducing Darren Zawyrucka of Campfire Grill BBQ and Catering:

Campfire Grill BBQ began in 2017 with the opening of the new Mosaic Stadium in Regina. This family-run business began with the opportunity to provide people of Saskatchewan their specialty menu: Smoked meats, barbecue goods, and ready to eat smoked BBQ options from their Food Truck stops and stadium location.

With the covid-19 pandemic, this family business realized they could no longer rely on heavy foot traffic of events and branched out into preparing ready-to - eat meal options of their top products. In 2021 they joined the Regina Farmers’ Market with the hope to share their hearty primal pies (pizza!), re-heat and eat soups, and BBQ goods.

When asked about their favourite pizza, Darren answered it’s a tie between the brisket pizza and the pepperoni, bacon mushroom pizza. But in reality, all of their pizza’s use handmade dough and sauce which are made from scratch and toppings that are smoked in-house.