Mike Bites Food Co
City: Regina, SK,
About Us
Introducing Mike and Cecilia of Mike Bites Food Co.

Mikes hot sauce creations began as way to stay busy during the Covid-19 pandemic. Utilizing the skills and knowledge gained while working at Malinche, where the pair originally met, Mike was inspired to create flavourful sauces that had some bite behind them. 8.7 versions later, the first product Papi Chulo, and Mike’s personal favourite, was born. Cecilia and him soon realized this could be a thriving business and thus began Mike Bites Food Co.

These two have a passion for flavour and Mike loves creating new exciting sauces. Together Mike + Cecilia made the pro-active business decision to keep their product available locally rather than pursuing commercial grocery avenues. This decision was made so they would have a closer relationship to their community and the customers supporting their business. Did we mention all of their sauces, excluding the Prairie Reaper hot sauce, are gluten-friendly and plant-based?! Their business soon became a part of many local food markets, including their debut at the Regina Farmers’ Market in summer 2021. Stay tuned for their new flavours!
Most sauces are plant-based, and gluten-friendly!
*Exception: Prairie Reaper Sauce