Paperback Beverage Co
Contact: Judd Stachoski + Ryan Nagel
Address: 225 Railway Ave Southey, SK, S0G 4P0
Email Address:
Phone: 306-541-1049
About Us
Paperback Bev CO is the brainchild of Judd Stachoski, winner of the Prairie Dog's Best Mixologist 3-years running. Years in the industry have inspired Judd to create delicious concoctions that are functional and accessible. With a focus on less waste and natural products, Paperbacks offerings are attractive to people who may have dietary restrictions, or are looking for an alternative to main-stream products that may be high in sugar or contain harmful additives.

Inspired by storytelling in comic books, Judd looks to bring the same pop of flavour and excitement to your table with his Paperback Bev. Co products.