Earnest Greens Inc.
Contact: Ethan & Maisie
City: Moose Jaw, Sk,
Phone: 306-690-7301
About Us
Introducing Ethan + Maisie Of Earnest Greens Inc.

Based in Moose Jaw, SK Ethan and Maisie joined the Regina Farmers' Market in the summer of 2021 as the vendor Earnest Greens Inc. Ethan + Maisie took ownership of what was previously called Green Sister Gardens and are excited to continue growing their urban farming business!

Their unique business model aims to utilize currently underused urban space for gardening. This means their 'gardens" and 'growing spaces" are found in numerous pockets across the city of Moose Jaw - some may be front yards, businesses flower beds, or perhaps your neighbours backyard. Urban residents provide the growing space and water. Earnest Greens Inc designs, grows, harvests, and maintains the garden space. Once these gardening spaces yield harvest, Earnest Greens Inc bring their fresh micro-greens to local farmers' markets for the Saskatchewan community to enjoy Sask-grown greens!

Best Known For: Fresh Shoots And Micro-greens