Baechu Kimchi
Contact: Atidthan Sangswang
City: Regina, SK,
Phone: 306-737-8080
About Us
Introducing Atidthan Sangsawang– Pronounce Addy-tan –owner of Baechu Kimchi

Looking for a healthier, bolder substitute to sauerkraut? Baechu Kimchi has you covered! Kimchi is a traditional Korean dish of naturally fermented cabbage, refreshing ginger, Korean pepper, and other classic vegetables. "Baechu" means cabbage in Korean and is also the name of a cat owned by Atidthan's friend, who shared the secret to her perfect kimchi. Unlike store-bought kimchi, Baechu Kimchi’s products are unpasteurized so, it’s loaded with healthy bacteria!

New to kimchi? No problem! Each jar is "Live" and ready to go! Simply add a few tablespoons of kimchi to pair with ramen & other noodle dishes, scrambled eggs, sausages & hot dogs, and so much more and enjoy! Available in three options, there is original, vegan, and spicy kimchi varieties to try!