Baechu Kimchi
Contact: Atidthan Sangswang
City: Regina, SK,
Email Address:
Phone: 306-737-8080
About Us
Hi, my name is Atidthan Sangsawang– Pronounce Addy-tan –owner of Baechu Kimchi!

I came to Canada from Thailand when I was 14 and I have lived here ever since. I have to admit I was spoiled when I was in Thailand. I hardly ever cooked anything, but that changed when I came to Canada, I started to crave all the simple foods I used to have as a child. I started cooking on my own and that’s when my passion for food started. In grade 10, I expanded my cooking repertoire to other cuisines, and at the same time, the K-pop craze hit me hard. I started making Korean food, including my first Kimchi. It was barely salvageable.

8 years later, I was in my kitchen trying to make Kimchi again. I reached out to the most authentic source of Korean food recipes I could find – my high school friend Jiwoo. Over Facebook message, Jiwoo told me how her Korean mother makes Kimchi. I took note and start creating something of my own. I made a small batch of Kimchi as a Christmas gift. It was a big hit!

A year later, I presented my Kimchi to the Regina Farmers’ Market board members, and the rest is history!