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Introducing Jan & Randy of Mix Granola

It all started with a single granola recipe, both a personal and fan favorite – Maple Pecan and Olive Oil granola which was created with the brunch preparations for a family wedding. This led to Randy making granola for co-workers, and eventually the realization that Mix Small Batch Granola had created a product that needed to be shared with the masses.

If you’ve tasted their granola it’s clear why all of their friends and family pushed them to sell their products. While they’re keeping some of their secrets as to what makes their granola so special in their kitchen they did let us know that some of the sweetness comes from Canadian maple syrup and local honey. And while it isn’t possible to obtain all of their ingredients locally, they do source as many as they can from Canada.

While the Maple Pecan and Olive Oil granola is what started it all for Mix Small Batch Granola, Jan tells us that her personal favorite is the Almond Coconut and Cacao Nib granola. She describes it as a lighter tasting granola but, and here’s the heart-warming part, when it’s baking, she says the entire kitchen smells like ‘Dad’s Cookies’. If that doesn’t make you want to add a bag to your cart, we aren’t sure what will!

Select products: dairy-free, and gluten-friendly
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