Rocky Acres Orchard
Contact: Simon and Serena
City: Lipton, SK,
About Us
Rocky Acres Orchard is a fruit and vegetable orchard that grows Saskatoon berries, apples, sour cherries, haskap berries and garden veggies. Current owners Serena and Simon made the decision in 2021 to continue the Rocky Acres Orchard legacy grown by RFM vendors Perry and Ledeen who retired after 25+ years.

Staying true to RAO style, Serena and Simon take special interest in growing super hot peppers like ghost, reaper, scorpion, and other varieties of hot chilis. Operating out of Lipton, SK is where you will find Serena and Simon preparing their local goods. RAO sells homemade preserves produced in their licensed kitchen. Their products are made with ingredients grown on their farm or sourced locally. They also grow specialty veggies sold in the summer. They do not use harmful pesticides, however, if required they treat their plants with organic methods.