Boreal Heartland
Contact: Randy Johns
Address: 319 Husky Ave, Air Ronge SK Mailing address: Box 489 Air Ronge, SK S0J 3G0 Air Ronge, SK, S0J3G0
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Phone: 306-425-4778
About Us
Welcome! We’re glad you stopped by. Boreal Heartland is an Indigenous business based in La Ronge, and our products are guaranteed to be made only from plants ethically and sustainably harvested from the pristine boreal forest of Northern Saskatchewan.

Our goal is to provide you with ethical premium wild products and unique flavours, while creating sustainable, environmentally sound and culturally appropriate economic opportunity for the people of Northern Saskatchewan (where there’s only 38% employment). The majority of our harvesters are Indigenous (~90%) and many harvest on their traditional territories or traplines. We train locals in Good Agricultural Collection Practices (gold standard for wild harvesting), they harvest plants in their own time and we pay fair prices by the pound. We promote the rule of thirds (harvest 1/3 of a patch, leave 1/3 for the animals and 1/3 to regenerate), and maintain an Indigenous advisory board which makes recommendations on appropriate harvest practices. We are committed to maintaining the ecological integrity of the place we live and work in while sharing the abundance.

Using Boreal Heartland products is a way to connect to the past, participate in the present and build the future. Let’s celebrate the land together.
Our teas combine herbs that were traditionally consumed by Indigenous people (for thousands of years!) for their healthfulness and flavour. The wild sarsaparilla root in the energization blend, for example, was chewed by hunters on long journeys as a pick me up (it’s related to ginseng). These versatile teas are good hot or iced and won’t go bitter no matter how long they’re steeped. So tasty they made it to the finals of the Retail Council of Canada’s Grand Prix New Products Awards.

But tea isn’t all we do! We also supply fresh (in season, late July - early Sept weather dependent) and dehydrated golden chanterelles which are considered a gourmet product by those in the know. These are a great plant based protein option and 10 grams dried chanterelles contain 100% of the recommended daily dose of vitamin D and are high in fibre. These golden boys are shipped from Northern Saskatchewan and sold around the world yearly. We want to bring them to you.

Dried products stored in a dry, dark place will keep for years.
Fresh chanterelles keep well refrigerated (7-10 days, breathable container).
- Picked by northern residents.
- Processed by Boreal Heartland, an Indigenous owned and operated initiative.
- Available through the Regina Farmers' Market