Created Designs Studio
Contact: Gina Kowalski
City: Regina, SK,
About Us
Introducing Gina of Created Designs Studio

Gina has been with the Regina Farmers' Market since 2017. She started at the market under Just Gifts selling essential oils and soy wax candles and bars. Gina then expanded to focus more on art work involving paper in many different shapes and forms, thus Created Designs was born. Gina loves using inks, gems, and paints - the more mess and sparkle the better! Created designs products include DIY kits + creations, quill strips, patterns, flowers, and templates are cut and designed for you (by hand) by the Created Designs Studio Team. Gina and her team want to share their love of art with you through their handmade gift cards, quilling kits, with the support of hosting workshops and tutorials to help inspire you to create beauty!

What is Quilling? Quilling is a fun, relaxing and almost meditative art form that uses strips of paper that are rolled, shaped, and glued together to create beautiful decorative designs- with the help of an easy-to-use quilling tool. Quilling is child and adult-friendly meaning yes, it is very easy to learn and the creative possibilities are endless. Wondering where to start? Check out their social media channels for Created Designs Studio kits, supplies, instructions and tools to get started on your quilling journey today!