The Scandinavian Sweethearts
Contact: Synde Flaten
City: Regina, SK,
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About Us
Introducing Synde of The Scandinavian Sweethearts.

Long-time vendor Synde and her Sister are the original Scandinavian Sweethearts, and The Sweethearts are all about preserving! From pickling, to canning, to jams and jellies they have everything to stock up your pantry year-round! Anything you can think of, they have grown and found a way to preserve it to keep the delicious Saskatchewan flavours lasting as long as possible.

In addition to their preserves, they also bring Scandinavian flavours to the Regina Farmers’ Market with items such as Norwegian Lefse (potato-based crepes), tasty Vinaterta (layered date cake), Krumcake, and other seasonal recipes!