Back to YouRoots
Contact: Conrad Nixon and Bernhard Prahauser
City: Regina, SK,
About Us
Introducing Conrad and Bernie of Back to YouRoots

Back to Youroots has some of the most delicious fermented products that you'll find on the market packed full of probiotics. They produce four varieties, their Kimchi & Pickle are a must try!

They are on a mission to help educate and populate plant-based foods in the Regina Food scene. Going back to family recipes, their products are designed to be wholesome, nutrient-dense, and most importantly tasty! All of their products are made with real food and they specialize in making Gluten Free and Vegan products by sourcing ingredients local to SK as often as possible. Conrad and Bernie have great recipes and instructions available on social media for how best to bring Back to Youroots products to your kitchen table. They pride themselves on creating products which are not only packed full of flavor, but also full of nutrition too. The hardest question is deciding which you'll try first!?

New to plant-based food? Welcome, and spoiler- they're delicious!

Gluten Free