Floating Gardens
Contact: Chris and Rachel Buhler
City: Osler, SK,
About Us
Introducing Rachel and Chris of Floating Gardens

Floating Gardens is a year-round hydroponic greenhouse growing gourmet vegetables year-round for local markets. As their name suggests, Floating Gardens uses the hydroponic (soilless) method of growing their produce which means their greenhouses are full of floating produce. This hectare-sized greenhouse is owned and operated by siblings Rachel and Chris Buhler on their family's farm outside of Saskatoon in Osler, SK.

Many of their soil-less hydroponic crops are grown in ground coconut shells, and others float on water. This method allows Floating Gardens to provide year-round veggie service in a four-season province of Saskatachwan. Can you imagine? A garden full of greens in January and June?! Chris and Rachel like hydroponics because they can precisely feed their plants that can encourage more flavour—their intention is you taste that difference, year-round. They carry a variety of products assorted greens and herbs, tomatoes, cucumbers, eggplant, and edible flowers.

-They use a host of biological and “soft” chemical controls (soft chemicals, like soap water, that are allowed in organic production).
-They only use organically approved chemicals for spraying even though they are not an organic producer.
-Use of traditional, hydroponic fertilizers (and do not grow in soil).

** We are currently reseeding and restructuring our Greenhouses, Stay Tuned for our Return in 2021!