Good Morning Springrolls
Contact: Lydia Nguyen.
City: Regina, SK,
Email Address:
Phone: 306-533-8535
About Us
Meet Lydia Nguyen, the Operator and Owner of Good Morning Spring Rolls Plus; based in Regina, SK. In Feb. 2019, Lydia began offering her delicious handmade spring rolls to the Regina Farmers' Market where each are made and packed by hand. All you have to do is pop them in the oven to reheat and serve. Her spring rolls are great as an appetizer, pot luck, or side dish.

Good Morning Springrolls are an original oriental concept revolutionized by local innovation here in Regina. These Spring rolls are 100% vegan; meaning no meat, fish, or egg products have been used in the condiments that make the ingredients. The unbeatable taste of Good Morning Spring rolls is a result of unique precision in combining every-day local produce in a highly secretive configuration (envisioned by the creative mind of Lydia) AND marinating the vegetables before rolling them up.

The Process: fresh vegetables are washed, cleaned, cut, and marinated before they are rolled up one by one by the very hands of the one whose love of creating and cooking food is legendary. The fresh rolls are briefly passed through hot oil, then cooled and frozen until reheated in the oven at 350°F before they are ready to tickle your palate.

For Good Morning Springrolls, the test is truly in the taste: you have to try it to know its unique, delicious flavour is not found anywhere else.
Typically Good Morning Springrolls are prepared vegetarian with option for gluten friendly springrolls for the same low price.

Gluten friendly Good Morning Springrolls are wrapped in rice pastry while
Regular Good Morning Springrolls are wrapped in wheat flour kneaded in coconut oil.

We make every effort to prevent cross contamination by carefully following strict Sask Health Authority guidelines.