Good Morning Springrolls
Contact: Lydia Nguyen.
City: Regina, SK,
Phone: 306-533-8535
About Us
Introducing Lydia and Ponziano of Good Morning Spring Rolls Plus.

In Feb. 2019, Lydia + Ponziano began with the Regina Farmers' Market offering their staple item: handmade springrolls! All springrolls are sourced with local ingredients when possible and are made, rolled, and packed by hand. Made with traditional asiatic flavours, springrolls are served hot and fresh at in-person markets and/or frozen! If you choose the frozen option all you have to do is pop them in the oven to reheat to serve. (Cooking instructions are included!)

Traditionally, Good Morning Springrolls serves vegetarian options, and gluten-friendly options by using a rice paper wrapping. In 2021 Good Morning Springrolls expanded into Good Morning Springrolls Plus offering samosas, concord grape juice + freezies in the summer! Be sure to stop by and say Hi to Ponziano + Lydia the next time you visit the market!
Typically Good Morning Springrolls are prepared vegetarian with option for gluten friendly springrolls for the same low price.

Gluten friendly Good Morning Springrolls are wrapped in rice pastry while
Regular Good Morning Springrolls are wrapped in wheat flour kneaded in coconut oil.

We make every effort to prevent cross contamination by carefully following strict Sask Health Authority guidelines.