Contact: Caroline Betker
City: Moose Jaw, SK,
Email Address:
Phone: 306-631-5611
About Us
Caroline specializes in making handmade Lampwork Beads, Jewelery, and Accessories and has been at the flame since 2004. She inherited her enthusiasm for crafting from her mother, who spent a lot of time crafting and creating art around her and her siblings.

Caroline makes all of her own glass beads by melting rods of glass in the flame of a propane and oxygen fueled torch. She heats the rods of glass in the flame and then winds the molten glass around a steel welding rod, which creates the hole in the bead. The glass can be moved when it is soft to create different shapes - round, square, oblong, heart, animal, and more. Dots, lines, squiggles or other designs can be added. Several layers of glass can be added to a bead which will provide depth.

The glass beads are used in all of her products - jewelry, office products, kitchen and housewares. Caroline is does custom work as well.