Stuff Yourself Soup Company
Contact: Jennifer Briere and Jule Gilchrist
City: Strasbourg, SK,
Email Address:
About Us
Meet Jen and Jule!
Originally market neighbours and friends, Jen's mindful lunches eventually made their way over to Jule. This quickly lead Jule to the realization Jen's food tastes great, she felt great after eating it, and it was nutritious! Fast forward through a business plan aimed to have local, plant-based recipes, Stuff Yourself Soup Company was created!

Jen continues to experiment in the kitchen with new recipes, meanwhile Jule helps with the cooking and quality control and takes care of the business responsibilities. Now Stuff Yourself Soup is a regular vendor proud to offer plant-based and alternative food options at the RFM!
No Oil, No Sugar
Gluten Friendly
Locally Made